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3-Month Moly Furnace

This will take less than a half-hour and keep your furnace running smoothly. 
Don’t underestimate the importance of these quarterly checkups.

90% of issues can be avoided by doing this regular maintenance.

All it requires is checking the electrical connections. Do the following: 

1. While the furnace is running, use the laser thermometer that came with your Canned Heat Furnace (buy one if you do not have one, it will be essential). 
WARNING: Do not touch any part of the top with your hands or tools while the furnace is running. This will cause electrical shock and possible death!!

2. Point it at every connection on top of the furnace. (Labeled in ORANGE on the image below).

Top of the furnace

3. Look at the temperature and condition of the larger welding cables (or THHN cables) that connect the transformer to the element lugs, straps, bus bars and all the connections on top of your furnace. Ideally, we are looking for temperatures under 250°. DO NOT ADJUST OR TOUCH YET! Just make a note, we will turn off the furnace before tightening.

4. While you’re looking on top of the furnace make sure there are no “volcanoes” (glowing hot-spots) around your bricks.

5. Point it through the vent holes in the top of the transformer. The cables in there are hidden, but the laser makes it easy to check. (Labeled in ORANGE on the image below).

Tranformer cables

6. Look at all those connections and all the electrical connections back through to the control panel and SCR. 


7. If any connection is over 250° it will need to be tightened. I like to tighten then wiggle the wire a bit and tighten some more. 

8. If you found any “volcanoes,” you’ll need to stuff them with frax so heat does not continue to leak out.

9. Once the furnace is running again, check any hot spots to make sure the connection is appropriate. Temperature should be ready to recheck in about an hour.


That’s it. For all other major maintenance such as changing your crucible or elements, reference your manual. 

Remember to check our site for anything you may need. Fuses, straps, elements, repair/patch mortar, castings and new products. I am constantly working on the website and expanding our product line. 


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