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Combustion Safety
Safety and CSA Compliant Combustion Systems vs. Proof of Air

Proof of Air/Power

     All the Canned Heat glory holes come complete with a proof of air safety. This will suffice for most situations if the equipment is being operated by a person. Basically, the safety is good if you are monitoring it or working out of it. This means you cannot leave it unattended or on overnight. For most applications the proof of air is all you need. This safety system comes standard on all G-Hole and Hot Pots with no extra charge.


Full Flame Verification Safety (CSA compliant)

     If you are a school or certain public operating situations the rules can be much stricter. In cases like this we offer flame a full combustion safety package. This system provides all the fail safes needed to pass any regulations. However, A CSA LISTING CAN ONLY BE PROVIDED BY A CANADIAN CSA TECHNICION. We use INTERTEK, which is a certification service and has helped us provide a CSA approvable system. We can offer this to clients in Canada that need it. This system comes with all the required components that can be added to the G-Hole or Hot Pot when ordered.

This safety system includes but is not limited to:

-UL listed control panel

-Proportional gas/air mixer

-Variable speed blower with digital input

-Double thermocouple in one tube. One for process heat and one for overtemp safety limit

-Gas safety with high/low gas pressure as well as high/low air pressure switches

-Flame verification with electric pilot and purge

-Full bill of materials

-P & ID drawing and schematics

-Wiring diagram with all operating pressures and purge calculations.

This system, when ordered with a G hole, will add $6,900 to the existing cost. Your equipment will be shipped to you with this system and can be inspected and listed on site.


When ordered separately this system can be added to your existing equipment but will require some work (drilling holes for pilot and thermocouple) on your end to install.

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